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Signum notarii aurum est ...
a Notary’s word is as good as gold!

Practicing within clearly delineated areas of law, a Notary Public is a professional who can offer you the most effective and efficient way to deal with your legal needs. I have the hands-on experience with matters that are important to you — the kind of experience you can rely on for prompt efficient delivery of services. My clients hire me to keep their interests and protection as my first priority and to guide them through the maze of legal requirements.

The Notary Society of British Columbia takes great care to ensure its members are insured against errors and omissions and that the membership meets the high standards of responsibility expected of them. The combination of integrity, business experience and specialized legal education means that your Notary Public stands proudly among all legal professionals.

Chelsea Kramer, Notary Public

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Phillis-simonsPhyllis Simon

Notary Public

Ph: 250-542-1111


A Notary Public since 1983, Phyllis brings a great deal of experience to Chelsea Kramer Notary Corporation.  She has... Read More

Chelsea-KramerChelsea Kramer 

Notary Public, M.A.

Ph: 250-542-1111

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Chelsea is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Master of Art’s Degree in Applied Legal Studies. Prior to... Read More