Our Services | Notary


  • Affidavits for All Documents required at a Public Registry within BC
  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Execution/Authentications of International Documents
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  • Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
  • Proof of Identity for Travel Purposes
  • Statutory Declarations

Personal Planning

  • Estate Planning
  • Executor Appointments
  • Health Care Declarations
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Professional Executorships
  • Representation Agreements
  • Wills Preparation
  • Wills Searches

Real Estate/Conveyancing

  • Business Purchase/Sales
  • Commercial Leases & Assignment of Leases
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Easements & Rights of Way
  • Manufactured Home Transfers
  • Marine Bills of Sale & Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinancing Documentation
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Purchaser’s Side of Foreclosures
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate Transfers
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Subdivisions & Statutory Building Schemes
  • Zoning Applications

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Phillis-simonsPhyllis Simon

Notary Public

Ph: 250-542-1111


A Notary Public since 1983, Phyllis brings a great deal of experience to Chelsea Kramer Notary Corporation.  She has... Read More

Chelsea-KramerChelsea Kramer 

Notary Public, M.A.

Ph: 250-542-1111

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Chelsea is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Master of Art’s Degree in Applied Legal Studies. Prior to... Read More